Thursday, January 22, 2009

another day..

salam.. 1st skali utk bibo @akip.. happy belated besday.. sori la bro ak lupe plak psl besday ko.. haha.. br je anta adk gie tadika.. ngntuk lg nih.. my head is throbbing like crazy.. siot tul la.. si kenit tue melalak da whole nite.. ak ni bknnye bleh klu tido ak terganggu.. woken up dis morning by my mum's shrill voice berating my brother.. poor guy.. act, ak dh lame x wat blog.. aritue dh de satu, tp terlupe plak id ngn password dye.. hehe.. so last year ak wat yg br.. dn oleh krn sengkeknye samura tue.. ak x selalu dpt bkk.. i think my life is beginning to snuff out.. damn.. those who see me now dont see the spirited, happy-go-lucky girl no more.. juz a tired n irritating teen.. the fire in me is extinguishing.. i've no more motivation.. mn x nye asyk terprp je kt umah, ak nie manusia.. mnleh duk setempt je.. ak dh biase sgt ade ramai org sekeliling ak.. never like to be alone!! ak x kesah nk tggl sorg2, tp ak x suke bile kene tggl.. i juz despised it.. i think i'll do daily blogs while i'm still at home.. it'll do me good.. even now it calms me down.. hurm.. juz read wat raz said in her blog.. huhu.. thanks dear, u really r the best.. so sweet.. but really raz, u got ur facts mixed up.. mmg kite jmp kt pdg skola.. tp nape ko lupe psl org yg plg pntg dlm perkenalan kite.. farah amelia.. we're both anime freaks n the similarity of ur name to ranma 1/2 drove me to get to noe u btter.. haha.. msk kali nie dh 2 kali ak dmm kt umah.. plk r.. klu kt ostel tue kemain ssh je nk skt.. (kengkdg je la) tp kt umah ak lg skt ade la.. mybe my imunisasi depends on my mood kut.. haha.. i'm dead worried bout my juniors.. huhu.. hope they r ok..
(pic kt bwh nie mase last day kt samura ngn dorm mates ak.. dr kiri: ckay, scee,yuri ngn ak)
ak ngn yuri selalu cmnie.. she reminds me of nisa zaki.. quite da same..
ckay plak much more reserved n serious.. but sumtimes playful too.. cm nasirah.. haha.. scee plak cm jukh.. dye sengal2 n fun to be around with.. minus da mood swings.. wakaka.. these guys had been wit me when i was in the weakest moment in my life.. moving to samura.. i wont deny it; i cry everyday when i 1st entered there.. shit man.. there was only four juniors n 11 seniors.. imagine the scenery.. at da start they were quite hard on me.. well, among da 4 of us i was da only one yg penah duk ostel.. i was the worst.. looking back there was'nt a time when was really myself there during da 1st few months.. only showed 1/4 of my true self.. and other seniors were really mean bout it.. shit, why da hell dat i'm telling all these now?? mybe i juz wanna tell sumone.. haha they say each samurians will leave da samura wit sumthing dat no place has.. i dunno wat i get.. but i think moving to samura had thought me well on facing the outside world.. haha.. but mghs is still da love of my life.. huhu.. samura had thought me how to be a bttr muslimah and a better leader.. eventhough klu ak x pndh in da 1st place, kt mghs lg byk bnd yg ak dpt.. tp i'm really gratefull for wat i had.. evennthough ak x dpt pgg jwtn bsr kt samura.. i spend too much time moping around to get any work done.. samura sndr srg ak blk.. myb sbb ak x ikhlas duk sane, so ilmu ckg2 kt sane x msk otak ak sgt.. at last ak jmp sumone.. tp ak sesal sgt, sbb selame 7 bln dye dkt ngn ak tp ak x penah nmpk dye.. nur ain adam.. dats her name.. sbb dye ak idup ngn aman kt samura during da last year.. even now i missed her.. dye ajr ak mcm2, dye naekkn blk semgt dn confidence ak yg dh nk ilang time tue.. pastu i began to relax a bit.. open up my mind to possibilities.. in the end ak jd naqibah, dorm leader, Biro Sukan, s/u kelab, majlis tertinggi rumah bhgn sukan.. dulu kt mghs ak x excel sgt kt bdg sukan nih.. cnthnye bola tampr, kt mghs pggl volleyball, kt sane ak pggl botam.. huhu.. msk sane ak maen botam nih utk ilangkn rnd ak kt raz, nita, as,nadia.. selalu kt mghs ak maen botam ak x reti, bola serve sume senget je.. pengkau.. tp kt samura ak jdk ketua pasukan plak tue..( utk umah la) n jd skool player..time hr sukan, ak sndr x sngka.. ak bleh kalahkn juniors ngn bdk2 laen utk acara 400m.. gile x sangke.. dpt emas.. one of da sweetest mmnt in my life.. then realisation hit me.. if u think u can, u can.. ini yg ak tau.. n then there's yue-dee..
dunno wat to say bout her.. tp from da mmnt dye msk dorm ak.. ati ak berdetik 'raz??' ak pn x tau nape ak tgk dye dn kn teringt kt dak raz.. mule2 skali.. prsn x klu kite ngn sumone kn ade cam aura.. ye la cm kite tau mak kite ade time kite kck2 dulu.. bile dh bsr nih same je juz kite peka ke x je.. ak (bknnye nk berlagak la) bleh rase klu sumone yg ak dh biase ade dkt ngn ak..
hihi.. tp ak kn dh biase ng raz kn.. so saat bdk nih msk je dorm ak dh rase aura raz.. huhu..
so ak pn decide utk biar je la.. n then sumthing hppnd in da 1st week juni msk ostel (juni-juniors) nnt la ak cite laen kali.. tp mase tue ak mmg kuatkn diri ak sgt2.. after dh abih bnd tue, i was beaten up.. emotionally down.. time tue plak mmg letih sbb bz ngn olahraga mssd n latihan botam tiap2 hari.. bdk nih la yg tlg ak.. juz by being there.. x tau cmn nk explain.. tp penah dgr x kata nie ' friendship is when two people who doesnt sat a word to each other but still enjoyed themselves".. kinda feels like dat.. ak ngn raz kengkdg x ckp pape pn ngn each other tp still ak happy dpt spend mase ngn dye.. nurul aziyana md. alwi.. dat's her name be4 we bestowed da name yue-dee to her.. haha.. pd mulenye ak bz kn diri ak sbb ak xnk rase miserable sgt kat samura.. tp since baek ngn dye nie ak begin rase idup ak nie lbh bermakne.. so we spend time with each other.. hope dis will lasts.. juz like raz n me.. ak byk kwn tp certain je yg i really hold dear to my heart.. may ALLAH bless them.. juz like when Allah blessed me by making them mine frens..

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hey pal.. wAaAaAa..... what da sadis story yg kamu story i2.. kah3..
ey.., rmh x lupe la kat farah amelia..haha..ok pal.., take care of urself, ok?? even kite x dpt spend time 2gether2 lg.., tp.., chat kat yahoo, fs, ms, n kat blog nie pown.., sudah cukup bg daku.. cewah.......! ^o~