Wednesday, February 18, 2009

what should i do??

' u're the best fren i've ever had.. thanks 4 being there for me.. i never realised it.. it seems dat the person i've been looking all dis while wuz rite in front of me dis whole time.. plz believe me.. now i realised it.. i love you.. all becoz of Allah..'

hurm.. i'm confused.. what should i do?? haha.. xde pengalamn la bnd2 nih.. ak x tau nk wat pe.. nk bg respon pe.. weh kengkwn, bantuin ak dong.. sggh plk dn aneh time ak dpt msg nih.. terkelu plak ak sekjp sbb it caught me unaware.. sigh.. lps satu, satu yg dtg.. pe ak nk wat nie???

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