Sunday, March 29, 2009

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Twin questions

5 brand that you like the most
- nike
- Apple
- LG
- sony
-secret recipe

5 brand that you dislike the mosT
- sony ericson
- maxis

5 countries that you want to go the most
1. ireland
2. new zealand
3. japan..
4. australia
5. switzerland

5 countries that you do not want to go the most
1. america
2. indon
3. israel..
4. singapore
5. india

5 item that you like the most
1. books
2. laptop
3. chocolates
4. long sleeved t shirts
5. handphone..

5 item that you dislike the most
1. the colour pink
2. porn
3. AF, mentor dn sewaktu dgnnye..
4. spoiled food
5. krdt abih

5 people that you love the most
1. Nabi Muhammad S.A.W.
2. my family
3. my friends
4. my teachers
5. org yg bg ak mkn free

5 people that you hate the most
1. org yg dedah aurat
2. org yg tikam blkg mmber..
3. org yg msk rancangan realiti
4. org wat cite bodo cm tom2 bak
5. mangkok hayun yg perasan ensem sgt

5 color that you like the most?
1. biru
2. hijau..
3. purple
4. putih
5. coklat..

5 color that you dislike the most?
1. pink..
2. merah
dan sewaktu dgnnye..

5 things that you dream the most
1.bwk parents gie haji..
2. pegi ireland
3. jd doktor
4. bleh jumpa blk kwn2 yg dh lame x jumpe..
5. menjadi lebih tinggi..

5 things that you not dream at all
1. x dpt graduate
2. nightmare tiap2 mlm
3. x dpt nk kawen..
4. x dpt keje yg gaji memuaskn
5. masuk aF..

5 of your positive character
2. sengal skit
3. setiakawan..
4. jenis x kesah
5. rendah diri??

5 of your negative character
1. emo x tentu psl..
2. pemalas
3. suke tdo lambat..
4. suke belasah org
5. suke critise myself gile2

5 moments that you miss the most
1. maen2 ngn arwah Azmeer..
2. practise silat ngn raz
3. maen botam ngn kengkwn dlm ujan..
4. stay up time exam ngn mbr2 kt bilik study..
5. winning some medals in sports

5 moments that you do not want to remember at all?
1. my nightmares..
2. last day in mghs..
3. bnde2 buruk yg berlaku kt ak dulu..
4. bnde2 yg wat ak sedey..
5. my parents fight smpi nk dekat divorce..

5 positive characters of your best buddy
1. baik sgt2
2. alim
3. appreciative
4. setiakawan..
5. cool je

5 negative characters of your best buddy
1. cepat salah sangka
2. panas baran..kadang2 la..
3. suke wat hal sndr
4. always look down on herself
5. low self esteem

5 things that you happy to do the most (Of your entire life)
1. playing in the rain
2. maen botam
3. mkn coklat byk2
4. gelak ramai2
5. watching anime

5 things that you regret the most
1. asyk fail addmath
2. x pikir pnjg dlm wat keputusan..
3. x smpt nk explain perkara sbnr pd sumone..
4. x reti berjimat
5. x spend enough time ngn family sejak kecil

Single question

Favorite animal?
-kucing ngn butterflies
Favorite quote?
-'que sera, sera..
watever will be, will be..

Favorite actor?
-colin morgan

Favorite actress?
-allen pompeo

Favorite things that you do when you are alone?

-tgk anime

Favorite website?

Favorite moment?
-spending time with my friends

Favorite sport?
trackfield and volleyball

Favorite vegetable?

Favorite movie
anime and comedies

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