Sunday, March 8, 2009

write and win to dublin..

IRELAND.. hurmm.. i'd always wanted to go there.. i felt like it was da right place for me.. haha.. darn it.. its not that malaysia truly asia is not cool enough, it's juz my dream laa.. it suddenly hit me one fine day: before i become sumbody's wife, i gonna set foot in ireland.. haha.. hoped it'll come true.. i dunno what attracted me to go there though.. myb like tya said,' mentang2 lah registered name is phonetically similar..' well.. i guess she does have a point there la.. there's dis writing contest.. da name i've already typed above.. da 1st prize was a sponsored trip to ireland.. haha.. my mum kept pestering me to enter.. it required for da contestants to write an essay about 800-1200 words.. can i do it?? ive been out of dis whole writing thing a few months back.. ever since sir anuar told me dat my essay is not good enough to get an A1.. shite, shite, shite.. (irish version of shit..) hurm.. i guess i should not have let it stop me.. haha.. gosh, i really miss mr see ju kau.. his bullshits n idioms.. musings.. his playful i-am-still-young-n-handsome habits.. waaaa, mr see, ley hey pin tao wahhh?? i do hope i'll get A1 for both my english n est papers.. insyaAllah.. aminn.. hope i'll get to see him dis coming thursday.. wakaka.. (^_^)

p/s: mari kite doa bersama2 agr batch 25 dikurniakn kejayaan plg cemerlang spm dlm sejarah samura.. istajabillahumma doa'ana ya ALLAH.. selamat menyambut maulidur rasul guys..

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