Wednesday, April 22, 2009

the life and love..

yeay.. ibu got back early from her "pembuat soalan' meeting in KL..
god i miss da internet
thank goodness for bill gates..

neway, dis morning i was watching two and a half man
the plot caught my attention
both alan n charlie hated their mother like hell ( in da story laa..)
but then again,
their mother was da one responsible for making them hate her
apparently alan and charlie's upbringing of snide remarks and hatred by their mother made them hate her as they grew older..

parents colour da white canvas of their children
raising a child is no bed of roses
sumtimes they tend to forget that we're growing up too
sumtimes they're too busy to provide us with worldly materials
sumtimes they act like they dont care of our achievements
sumtimes we felt like shouting to them
"why can't for once u listen to me??!!!!'
sumtimes we felt like they dont care bout us anymore
and then suddenly they merajuk becoz u dont wanna share ur feeling2 or anything with them

my point is
we all loved our parents
n for sure our parents loves us too, rite??
but sumtimes
things may not be easy wit them
believe me, i know..
(been going through it all my life..)
for dis guys
nobody's perfect enough
that's why there is love in our lives
to compensate for our un-perfect-ness
sumone very dear to me once told me
'to live life is to love'

love doesnt necessarily need to be from ur bf/gf
the most divine love is from Allah
The Most Loving to His faithful servants

love can be from our friends
from our teachers
from our siblings
from our parents
without love we wont even exist in dis cruel, hard world

this post is for my own remainder
bknnye utk menyindir sesape ke hape
i admit
i tend to lose patience with my family
(a lot.. seriously..)
my mom n dad dont understand me at all..
(heck, my mom knows i hate pink, but she still buys me pink stuffs)
i dunno whether she'll ever understand her daughter's erratic behaviour
to those facing da same problems as me
make an effort to try and talk to them
dont do it like i did
(shutting my mouth and keeping it inside)
eventually they will understand u..
but if they dont..
well what da heck..
at least we tried..
aite guys???

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