Tuesday, April 28, 2009

sy cikgu izreen???

(muka di awal interbiu.. camera phone ak yg x lawa)

td gie interbiu kplspm kt maktab guru durian daun..
gile bpk la ak lmbt td
(kt surat tulis dtg SETENGAH JAM before da interbiu)
ak kn vip.. ak smpi sane kul 10.45...
blame da bloody police dat organise the roadblock..
a 4-lane road became one...
ah well
luck was certainly on my side...
when i reached there, the early morning interview session x abih lg..
ak pn menarik nafas lega..
i sat down n tried to mingle with my other grup mmbrs..
redzuan- da nice guy
(lyn ak borak dr pg.. hahaha.. thanks dude..)
then there's huzaifah, da quiet one..
rozathirah, the shy one..
and adlinna, the prepared one..
(seen her notes, gile bpk la bdk nie prepare..)

1st we took da mtest
(malaysian teacher's sahsiah test.. i dunno.. sumthin like dat laa..)
135 questions in 30 mins..
i was laughing to myself all da way..
for example:
apabila anda memasak maggi, anda..
A. menggunakan perencah yg disediakn shj..
B. mencampurkn hidangan tersebut dengan bahan2 lain..

anda melihat rakan anda meniru dalam peperiksaan, tindakan anda?

A. menasihatkn rakan anda

B. melaporkn kepada guru

guru boleh sekali-sekala datang lewat ke sekolah

A. wajar

B. tidak wajar

bunga orkid boleh dijadikan hiasan di dlm rumah
A gunakan seadanya
B menggubah dengan menggunakan bunga yg laen


hahaha.. maunye ak x gelak..
after dat, we had our group interview..
fyi it was fully in english people
da topic: usage of ict in schools..

thirty minutes of bla, bla, bla.. yada yada yada..

and then da individuals.. i'm da 2nd last person...
kudos to kelawar blues who called me while i was waiting and giving me a few tips on acing my interview..
seksi la sore ko wak jul.. huhu..

it was blazing hot in my baju kurung..
felt like i was interviewing for jpa or mara
(maklum le, ak kn xde pengalaman...)

lucky da private room was fully airconditioned
when my name was called by the panel
i strode in confidently
(i think....)
i told them bout myself
the fucking coughs just wont go away
we chatted bout msian education
i told them my experience as a teacher
i told them how my experience during the homestay program motivates me to become a teacher..
i told them bout my experience with underprivilaged students
ape bnde lg ntah ak merepek..
because of my sore throat, i choked up a few times..
and then they asked me my favourite question:
"how tall r u??''
i just smiled..
they asked me how could i compensate for my lack of size since students these days are mostly bigger than me??
at this, i was laughing..
i told them my voice would suffice..
one of da panels added
'kecik2 cili padi one..'
at then i concluded my interview with my head held high n telling them some stuff i learned from mr see..
overal it was really an eye-opener, seeing dat even teachers nowadays had to go through a lot to become one..

this is an ode to all teachers..

byk lg mnde yg jd..
ak pnat gile, nnt2 la ak smbg..

p/s; before ak blk umah ak singgah mghs, jmpe la cik eton, cikgu hafsah ngan cikgu mariam..
tumpang cikgu mariam smpi mc..

(my lucky baju kurung.. hahaha)

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