Friday, May 1, 2009

ak yg frust..

currently im in pd..
after mac yesterday, i managed to get on a bus to malacca..
i was asleep all da way, only woke up when we reached mc..
got a really terrible migrain+fever+hackingcough when i got home..
but as my mum had made plans to go to her uni reunion, ak pn gagahkn diri..
my head's in clouds rite now..
speaking bout upu..
i got diploma in fisioterapi uitm..
seriously, its my 7th or 8th choice..
im quite frustrated n sad..
on da other hand..
alhamdulillah, at least i still got sumthin..
to those yg x dpt, dun worry..
its not da end of dis world..
Allah mybe dh tetapkn yg lebih baek utk korg..
read dis, u'll feel much better..
it did da trick for me..
to those yg dpt ape yg diorg nk, tahniah..
ak nk pegi membawa diri ke kedah..
selamat tinggal sume..

p/s: up8 bout mac when i got back to malacca..

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