Sunday, May 24, 2009

honey and clover..

i started watching this series when it was still in anime.. i just like da way the characters are potrayed.. da storyline i think is okayy but still i just love it.. the real life series are just plain pelik mybe becoz of the direct translation by 8tv, serious pelik gile..
ah well.. saje je tulis entri nih sbb jap lg ak nk blk kmm dh.. haha.. igtkn next week x nk blk umah tp next week plak finale drama honey and clover.. mn leh miss kn?? haha..
tgk r nnt cmne..

assignment list:
maths- revision (blk kmm study ngn roomates)
bio- salin blk notes lecture hrtue, revise next chapter
chem- IUPAC nomenclature???
agama- forum?? rela manusia dan kemurkaan Allah..
dinamika- fakta mengenai rambut manusia??
biro sukan- activities, activities n more activities...
bilik 12- mari2 ceriakn bilik anda..

lots to do.. wakaka... ah well...

p/s; wey sape pi asasi kem slm syira ngn scee deyh..

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