Tuesday, July 28, 2009

sumone tolong biuskn aku..

-sgt rindu nk maen bola tampr ngn budak2 neh-

blame da dentists 4 my neverending headache..
ive sacrificed another 2 molars on monday.. shimatta.. it hurts like hell..
still waking up in da mornings wit da taste of blood in my mouth.. cant even speak properly..
i hate dis..
mom said dat after 4 years of waiting, i shouldve expected it, but still..
she aint feeling like her whole face is swollen aite?
neway, im currently trying to finish all my assignments b4 i go back to kmm on saturday..
my grandparents kept pestering my mom to send me back to da village, to help out with my grandpa's condition..
still at loss, i dunno wat to do..
i know i have lots of stuff to catch up on.. it just my luck dat im da only one available..
yare, yare..
n i didnt even get to hangout with my frens dis holiday... so sad..
drama preparations r going well (i hope) n my bio n chem assgmnts r otw..
sigh.. i do hope i could finish in time.. (-_-")
i wish..

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AnAk JoHn said...

take care, dear..