Friday, August 21, 2009

i wonder..

currently in my village, spending da whole day of 1st ramadhan with my extended family.. atok n wan looked so happy to have me around again.. it's fun, seeing dat all my cuzzins r also here.. i missed spending time with them.. had just tried out ckgu mira's take home quiz.. oh, its sooo damn "GOOD"(sarcastic laugh) ..

shite happens.. as always..

another thing...
there was sumone who'd been in front of me for quite a while.. n juz now i appreciated his presence.. alhamdulillah, Allah destined for me n dat person to become frens in kmm.. it felt though i had an elder sibling, seeing dat i've never had one be4.. (n never will be in fact).. i know i should'nt get close to anyone ever again as it really gonna hurt when they all leave eventually..

snap out of it, yeen!!!


-happy breakfasting guys, in a few more hours i mean..-

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