Sunday, August 30, 2009


going back to kmm tomorrow.. haish.. juz managed to do a few of da exercises given by ckgu mira.. its hard when u dont really get da topic in ur head, but heck, what goes around comes around.. myb its my fault dat i played around during cptr 6 lectures.. n mybe its my fault dat ckgu mira has been really harsh on me all dis while..

ah, well..

so neway, i do hope dat h3p3 plans for dis comin weekend will come through..
i wish.. but still time is tickin, there's so many things to do.. finals r comin n i felt as though i havent started studying seriously yet.. my ups deserved to be flushed down da toilet n mum really did make me pissed off for announcing it in front of my extended family during berbuka.. y couldnt she see dat she's hurting me inside?? am i too jantan to be allowed to have any feelings at all???

again, it my fault for thinking dat im too tough to endure it all..

movin on..
i stopped thinking bout love.. yes, izreen farhana iswadi has been thinking bout love a lot lately.. give urself a kick in da shins if u're thinking dat im gonna have a bf or sumthin.. it not dat type of love laa siot.. its juz dat i missed my frens.. both mghs n samura.. i missed my juniors, da lab makciks, my wardens, my teachers.. i missed my on9 fren, frens from sbp 0408, bloggers and i missed my family in kelantan.. except for dat effin bitch..

hurm.. mybe it not juz dat..

i wonder if i'll ever find my love?? im gratefull to be loved, alhamdulillah.. i was lucky dat i still have da chance to put things right.. im still lucky dat i've never fallen in love seriously.. thay say dat u need to be a relationship at least once so dat u will know what to do later on based on ur experiences.. but, seeing dat i was never involved in any of such, i can proudly say dat im lucky.. but then again to find da ultimate love, from Allah, we must make sacrifices.. so i have to say dis.. im sorry if im hurtin anyone.. but dis u must know...

'maaf, hati saya bukan untuk sesiapa...'

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