Thursday, September 24, 2009

a bit of raya bliss..

haha.. its almost a week into syawal n juz now i got da time n my trusted celcom broadband to fulfill my blogging needs.. sigh.. bile laa nk de line celcom broadband kt kg melaka pindah neh??
things had been hectic n fyi br je dpt blk umah den kt cheng neh..
as usual, raya wouldnt be raya without a bout of food poisoning (on me!!) n a whole lot of guests n more guests..
like my previous post, i had no feeling for raya dis year.. bju raye pn tade.. bj kurung je yg de.. haha..
but it was fun while it lasts, seeing dat all my cousins are here dis year..
my pkck who works in dubai n my mkteh who works in egypt pn blk malaysia taun neh..
hurray for family...

trying out shisha.. (tp berlakon je ah)
makteh bwk blk syisha dr arab.. masyukkk!!

with my beloved atok di pagi raya.. atok i luv u veli strong..

me, little fairus, ibu n fareeha

me and afiq..

all of us.. SELAMAT HARI RAYA!!!!

in a nutshell, raya was fun becoz i get to met up with all my cuzzins n pkck mkck's, spending time with them, it almost felt as though we were kids again, back when we lived with our grandparents in alor gjh.. but then again, they are growing up n myself felt so too.. again raya is full og conflicts and trials, persengketaan dn pertengkaran.. my family is not so perfect, and tis a bit broken, but still good.. not just dat, its great.. i luv them anyway..

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ashley said...

gaduh adik beradik ni macam carik carik bulu ayam jer..lama lama bercantum juga!

meriah nampak suasana tu..