Monday, October 26, 2009

tagged by tya

sorry for the delay tya.. hahaha..

Tag description: I must write 15 random facts about myself dari zaman Tok Kaduk until present day and tag another 5 people to do the same thing..

Random facts bout izreen farhana iswadi:

no 1:
da name 'izreen' comes from my dad's ex-girlfriend name, though her name was azreen, i cant tell if my mum knows dis or not.. i wonder if she did??.. hurm..

no 2:

crazy bout chocolates.. especially white n minty ones.. heck, i'll even go for choki2, which is an absolute fave.. hahaha..

no 3:
i dont like staying home.. period..

no 4
never had a boyfriend..

no 5:
i dont trust boys..

no 6:
likes da company of friends rather than family.. until now i dunno y...

no 7:

tends to fall asleep rather easily...

no 8:

obsessed with calling UP flyfm.. so far i'd managed to be on air 3 times.. hehehe..

no 9:

when depressed, go to slumberland faster than u can say, sleep..

no 10;

frequently has headaches due to stress n excessive thinking..

no 11;
i bloody hate maths.. but then again cant really live without it..

no 12:
i dunno how to play volleyball, but i'd manage everytime..

no 13:

im good with computers n gadjets n stuff.. juz leave them with me for a bit n i'll be using them like a pro.. i think..

no 14:
currently has sore throat due to my swollen tonsils which eventually will lead to high fever.. i hoped not...

no 15:

enjoying life at kmm very much n cursing the MOE due to the toughness of da pspm papers... and praying to Allah dat all my practicumates would managed to continue to da 2nd sem, insyaAllah..
im tagging: -kiah -nutt -syamir -ckay -sukbean

p/s: tetibe rindu gile kt kamu bertiga


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