Thursday, October 22, 2009

this is it..

hey, im back..
for another 2 weeks at least..
study week, pspm was a totally different story..
ah well..
i did went all out with it, hoped it will turn out okay...
as for muet..
note to self: never ever be candidate A...
hoping to get to da next sem, with flying colours, insyaAllah..

got lots of stuff planned but no outing with da guys, mum wont let me..
2 invites to KL n a few to muar.. among other things..
truk sgt ke ak neh smpi nk kuar ngn mmbr pn xleh...
nk suh ak jd cm dye kot..
next time, i wont tell her anything, period..

EQ check:
-jiwa kacau.. cause during da hardest period in kmm, byk dugaan dtg.. alhamdulillah, a few of it did settle b4 pspm yet some went into high gear during study week.. i was stressed out but luckily i managed to hid behind my endless array of books n notes.. kudos to ahli persidangan meja bulat (kembang, nutt, fai2) 4 being there with me.. ainin, thnks a lot for ur jmpi dat managed to cool me down.. it hurts juz to be there, but heck, tis only 4 a lil while.. until matrix is over.. playing bluff, killer cards n also juz chillin with u guys is a bless from Allah.. not to mention our endless movie marathon after bio paper 2 was over..

im learning to keep my feelings in check, learnin how to control my emotions, learnin how to not feel anything.. juz having no feeling so i wont get hurt again.. kembang said its becoz im too baik, but its hard 4 me to believe dat, i noe im not dat baik.. it hurts when u love sumone so much u were willing to do anything for dat person, yet dat person stabbed u in da back, by blaming u for everything dat had gone wrong.. its not dat i cant forgive, but the incident left a battle wound, it will recover, but sumtimes it throbs painfully n when things get out of hand, they would bleed again..

*to nutt: hey i forgot to give u ur deck of cards, sorry luv..

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