Monday, November 2, 2009

18th bliss...

yeay, im 18 and legal (bak kte nutt)
i wanna become an organ donor
i wanna get my license
i wanna go out n hangout wit my frens whether my mum knows or not
i wanna swear like a pirate
i wanna take control of my future, study hard, get a good job, go to ireland and then baru kawen..
a million thanks to all who remembered my birthday, sending wishes through my phone n also myspace..
i love u guys.. i really do.. hahaha..
went to muar on saturday, meet up scee there, went to samura, spending time wit yudi n all my other jrs of budie 6.. (i-vie,que-b,m-jay,deyra,wendy,jay-vie,emay)
i missed u guys.. pity ckay couldnt come n yuri was m.i.a..

zaman muda-mudi time form 5 dlu...

i had da best bday ever on sunday, spending time wit my family.. pestering my dad to buy me stuffs in DP..
i love u guys too..
on monday i had braces, its purple and excrutiatingly painful.. (btol ke eja neh)
sorry, dentists, i dont love u like i did yesterdayyyyy... hahahaha..
nutt says dat da pain will go away in a few days, till then i'll have to stick to eating porridge.. no solid food for now.. hahaha..
it hurts even to talk, which is quite a loss as have 7 days of free calls but can really spend it all laa kn??
it also hurts to clean..
ah well, looking forward to go back to kmm on friday... yeay!!!

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Anonymous said...

ohh!! ku rindu dOrm di sebelah uhh