Sunday, January 17, 2010

a week left

my phone been dead 4 2 whole days..
sorry to those who texted but got no reply..
part 2 of my holidays are starting soon.. yippee..
managed to finish my assignmnts n such..
juz waiting for inspiration to strike 4 my biology presentation..
and of course da pesta muhibbah thingy..
it gonna be a blast, i prayed it would...
and then
my tutorials awaits to be done... haha..

to nutt;
sorry i couldnt be at ur sister's wedding eh..
make sure that u'll show ur hot sexy piccas as bridesmaid k luv..
(naughty grin)

to you,
i had enough of this shite..
made up ur mind already
im not gonna be pleasing anyone else after dis..
i dont care it u hate me
it doesnt matter anyway
for all i care u can even bring everybody against me
u want a fight???


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