Saturday, March 13, 2010

all i could do

it was a bright sunny day..
but there was a storm that was starting in each every heart of h3p3...
yeah, mybe it becoz we cared too much.. till dis happens..
u saved me from myself once, and for that im was so grateful to have known u..
at first i juz brushed aside everything that i see, becuz i was sure that it was juz mulut tempayan org2 around us..
overtime, the more i try to deny the truth, the more it hurts me..
da thing is dat
im gettin tired of all these...
ur excuses
ur lateness
ur ive-so-much-problems-dat-i-cant-study attitude
not to mention every single time u need to add obscenities to ur daily life..
im sick of it
im tired of constantly needing to remind you what's right and whats wrong
u r much older than me
to think that u should be mature enough
to think of ur main priorities rather than making up lame excuses to cover ur weaknesses..
when u do sumthng wrong or stupid
da one who would be feeling the regret is me
coz i was the one who promised myself that im gonna take care of u
make sure that u would not stray from the right path..
but now, i juz wanna say, i take it all back
stop pitying urself, move on with ur life
life is what u make it
n if u wanna succeed, wanna make ur ma proud
u should start from now
puffing those cigarettes wont make ur life easier..
u'll be only burning ur money..
u r still young, dont waste those precious lung cells of urs..
yeah, i admit
u r a nice guy.. u have strong faith in our religion..
looking at things nowadays, tis so fragile
it like any minute u r gonna fall down hard on ur face..
n to add these, a kid from the class of that girl u like
dis kid says
'he wants her, but he doesnt deserve someone as perfect as her, as long as he doesnt change'
i cant say anything bout dat
and u
stop giving that bullshit answer 'im gonna change after college'
if u really wanna change, u'll change now
im sorry if i hurt u..
but mybe by doing dis, u would understand y i did all those things
i cared bout u, i really do
but if things doesnt change,
u would further hurt me to da point where i wont want to have anything to do with you..
it hurts me more than it hurts u, trust me..
remember this, im still a girl
a girl would feel more than guys..

please, stop giving damage to urself and remember
Allah is always there to those who needs Him....

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