Thursday, April 15, 2010

its my life confessions...

my mtrix adventure has finally come to an end..
my roomates of b1.4.12- kakak wiwin, L and Jan
my jirans, b1 wing b level 4- syud, ainin, ikin, azah, ayu, min, tika pjg,yan,ati, aqid, ekin, echey, radh, kak ziera, kak aina, kak teha, kak timah, maziah...
my fellow h3p3- nutt kem pjot awa asry joul pieka kak ika mila jeton sha kak dja nadh asmaa' pam shuwei ijad ah toong kak emi shalee..
my BoTam gang..
my bitch shane azali..
UDg club mmbers..
kmm muhibbah society..
talighah crew..
Hayat 3 lecture group..
B1 block MT's..
cafe b and a..
abg tebar of cafe c
lecturers and staffs of kmm..

everyone.. thank you for each n everyday in kmm.. im gonna miss u all...

well here goes..
i've confessed to him, at last..
after weeks n weeks of debating whether to tell him or not...
on da last day, on da last hour of being a kmm student..
i told him blatantly "i love you'
i would never forget the look on his face
the blank face dat i'd always loved to watch..
he was speechless.. all i could do then was smirk..
and all he said was y??
i'd told him everything, how i felt..
how i liked him from the first moment i saw him..
how i couldnt read him straight-forwrdly unlike evryone else..
how he does everything that makes me laugh..
how lucky he was to be da only guy in kmm dat could witness me crying..
i didnt expect him to accept me though..
but i'd also didnt expect dat he wouldnt be awkward around me after dis..
i didnt expect him to call me his ana..
im happy, although he didnt accept me
but still im gratefull.. thank you Allah..
he would be there if i needed him, even if there's nothing going on between us..
my feeling's for him will not change.. until Allah wills it.. insyaAllah.

to my minam,
thank you for not pushing me away..
thnk u for not hating me..
thank you for being you..
saranghae yo..
-shin woo hyung-


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