Saturday, July 10, 2010

grace and pei-pei..

just now i had a really interesting conversation with my new chinese housemates, pei-pei and grace.. it had been a rather hot and tiring day, and i was just chillin out in the living room..

grace told me bout her ex-roomate who currently had a really nasty new roomate.. dis particular girl practically threatened her to move from her current room so that she can stay there herself..
what really hit me was the fact that both girls are malays.. grace moved from that room to make it easier for her muslim friend in terms of solat, ngaji and so on.. but the newbie who juz arrived in less than 24 hours couldnt wait to kick her roomate out of that particular room.. imagine that..
a chinese girl willingly and happily changed rooms for the sake of her new friend whilst the malay girl was being bitchily selfish and rude.. is it me or there's sumthin wrong with this picture??

starting university life means that quite a majority of us would be living away from home.. for those who had enrolled themselves in to boarding schools (whether willingly or not), it wouldnt be a serious issue for them.. but for the new freshies the company of frens are truly important to maintain their sanity and sustain the next few years of their new life.. but when certain irresponsible individuals just couldnt help themselves by being the bitches that they are, sumtimes things would juz get out of hand.. i'd remember sumthin that shane once said 'bitches will be bitches, and bastards would be bastards'.. sum people juz couldnt help to like 'tunjuk terer' in front of others.. and thats a fact of life itself.. all im saying is that is it to difficult to grow up?? being mature doesnt mean that u can use ur unusually buff bone structure just to scare people for the fun of it.. pity those sweet demure innocent girls who didnt know what to expect when they enrolled themselves here.. thought only highschools had bullies.. sigh..

guess i'd btter go and throttle who ever dared to mess with me then.. haha

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