Wednesday, January 26, 2011

of migraines and broken noses..

its been a while since my last up8.. sigh..
*sorry bloggie.. =)

startin sem 2 is hard work indeed.. as always..
i would get caught up in so many things within so little time..
there's the assignmnts, lectures, tutorials, quizzes..
everything a university student could've ever hoped for.. hehe..
things with mr owl had been great.. he's hoping for me and him to be sumthin more but i'd rather we be juz friends for da time being.. =)

i started my fitness training again to get back in shape.. u know, with the palapes and fencing and volleyball and olahraga n stuff..
but right after that i suffered from severe tonsil infection..
hacking coughs, some minor flu-like symptoms..
and also a severe migraine attack 2 days back which thnkfully had lifted off completely by the time that im writing this..
*actually am supposed to study for my quiz tomorrow but am to dizzy to cramp things into my head right now..

oh yeah, did i mention that mr. owl got his nose bridge crushed by a hockey ball earlier? poor guy.. get well soon awak.. =)

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