Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sandaran Hati~

its been 6 months since my last entry.. these past six months, a lot has happened.. too much.. life changing, maybe..
i dunno what suddenly brings me back to the blogsphere.. mybe bcuz i want to rant and rant and rant...
on and on..

people say that im conceited, sometimes a bit too much.. but i dunno.. its not a sin right..
so here i am typing away some mindless shites and misunderstood thoughts.. so now let us push away these six months and maybe  i'll write about it again.. someday..

now i'm in songkhla, Thailand.. doing internship at one of the most successful oil and gas company in the world.. everyday i thnk Allah for this opportunity given and be grateful to the life-changing journey that i had so far.. not to mention the most wonderful and awesome people u could ever wish for.. the truth is, when i first stepped across the Malaysian-Thailand border, i could never had imagined that i would get what i have now.. an awesome work environment, cool collegues and most of all, the little community we had created for ourself here..
* its hard to say i love you...

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