Thursday, January 29, 2009


salam.. huhu.. my mum is really cerdik.. she knows my luv for books so in order to stop begging to find a job instead she bought me dis 6 books of my choice.. nice eh?? but da main idea was to sustain my thirst for reading for a month.. but then ak nie dh gile bosan kut.. so i kinda finished it well not all of it la.. saved da thickest one for da last.. still havent finished reading dat book by now.. huhu.. u must be probably wondering where da heck is da 6th book rite??
well dat book entitled ' passion and poppadoms' is so SLUTTY.. man, why on earth did i even bought it.. siot la.. hihi..
da 1st one dat i read was da blue one.. Salju Sakinah.. giler best.. my fav so far.. beats even HP in my opinion.. haha.. HP fans dont throw ur things at me keyh.. juz my opinion.. kak na' wuz da one who suggested i read dis novel.. haha, but back then she xnk bg pnjm hers la.. so i kept pestering my mum nk beli satu.. haha.. cian my mum.. but splashing money on books bleh deduct kt taxes nnt.. rasenye la.. luckily my mum pn ade thing bout novels.. not really an avid reader but she'll do juz fine.. haha.. act, my mum is crazy bout sudoku.. gile r..
da next one dat i read wuz da pinky book, my best friend's girl.. touching lor.. quite a nice story.. haha.. definately a must have book.. i've out of da book business a long time ago so i really dont know wat's da latest books available.. gotta ask aneed bout it first..
and then p/s i love you.. wawa.. so touchy-feely.. romantic.. gross.. but so sweet.. har3.. gelak sndr.. nice story.. and then 'if you could see me now' another briliant piece by ccecilia ahern.. i so love her.. wakaka.. but no pics here.. haha.. my mum is currently reading it now..
rachel's secret.. hurm.. beats me.. heck i dont even noe what the writer was writing about..
haha.. probably becoz it was set in american war.. i think.. haha.. so do not like americans.. (eventhough technically i am one so i hate myself??) wateva man..
pastu my dad suggested yg ak bc buku hadis yg gile nk mmpos tbal tue.. agknye dye rase cam ak nih dh krg nilai2 islam dlm kehdpn kut.. ntah la.. still havent finished reading it until now..
br bace suku.. i wonder if i ever finish ek?? hurm.. i have to otherwise my mum xde motivation nk belikn books yg laen.. so papepn kite abihkn yg nie dulu.. hihi lupe plak nk komen..
setakat yg ak dh bc nih ak juz bleh ckp.. it is very REFRESHING!! sbg peringatan kpd kite yg lupe dn lalai nih.. but it is in indon style malay translations so.. u get my drift.. haha.. sbb tue kot ssh skit nk phm haha.. well for my future collections ak deperately nk kumplkn septimus heap punye series.. gile bst lor story dye.. but when i 1st read it was in form 2 i think.. i kidnap azra's book when she was asleep in da class.. by da time she woke up i had already finished it.. wakaka..
either she tido lame gile or ak bc laju giler.. take a guess dontcha.. RD feb td smpi.. n in about one hour ak dh abih dh bc.. bosan lor.. surf internet crk short stories or on9 novels or wateva.. there's lots butit still doesnt give me da thrill of reading a book.. sigh.. i guess we better be grateful for wat we have.. it's gonna be nice to be able to kill my free time n let my creative juices flowing (as if.. haha..) as i have da time rite now..
hurm.. previous idea playing in my mind.. should write my own story?? or juz stick to reading other people's??
sigh... (again) Ya Allah berikn la hamba-Mu ini petunjuk dan hidayah-mu..

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