Thursday, January 29, 2009

i've decided..

salam.. today wuz really tiring.. my dad drove around me town at 8 a.m to find a photoshop.. jeez, i kept telling him dat pg2 camni mn de kedai gambo bkk but would he listen?? no, of course not.. hahaha.. ayh nie kelako la.. u see my aunt (adk bpk ak) well she wanted to apply for da guru sandrn post in smk bkt rambai ( my mum's skool) but da problem wuz her application form yg dye faxed kt my mum gambo nye glp.. so she sent a picture of herself to my email.. 1st mistake: i have a thing for deleting stuff in my inbox without even reading it.. haha.. siot rite?? and then my mum asked my dad to go n cuci dat gmbr.. due date anta borg application tu plak hrnie.. 2nd mistake: i was up until 4 lbh last nite.. haha.. ym ngn my dearest sis ekin.. hailing all the way from indon.. pas sbh td as usual i went back to sleep.. suddenly an unusually loud knock upon my door n da next i knew my dad juz 'pegi la siap2.. nk gie cuci gmbo mkck ko tue.. in my head: abihla ak kene migrain hrnie.. lack of sleep is so not good for me.. haha.. yeah rite.. then we drove around town nk cr kedai gmbo..
hihi xde kedai pn bkk pepg tue.. wateva la..
ok let's go back to my main reason for writing dis today..
mr. choc.. hurm.. juz got da news yg he's already got sumone else..sedey lor.. but after a few hours of being miserable n all.. i've decided to forget him.. hahaha.. ak akn lupekn dye!! never felt dis good in my life.. skrg nih cr candidates for mr.choc version 2.0.. wakaka..
for now i've already got a few guys lined up.. hihi.. mst x sangka kn segengster2 ak nih ade jgk org yg nk.. next time don't judge a book by its cover lor..
two of them dh lm mntk nk kapel tp ak xnk r.. lgpn time tue tgh bljr laie.. lgpn ak cm x suke la kapel2 nih.. buang mase je (for me) tp skrg nih my mum pn asyk tanye bile la ak nie nk ade bf..
haha.. yeah rite.. xdela.. dis whole thing is a big joke.. wakaka.. except for da forget him part.. dat's definately 100 % true.. haha.. goodbye mr choc.. i'm never gonna think of you again.. well, myb juz sumtime.. hehe.. never mind dat.. juz wanna concentrate on living my life to da fullest.. tp mst la berlndskn syarak'..
insyaAllah ade mr right yg Allah jdkn utk ak.. myb x nmpk skrg kn.. tp it will come.. sooner or later.. dats for sure.. haha, dh la.. merepek je ak nih..

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