Tuesday, February 3, 2009

demi deint..

ak kene tagged lg.. hihi.. xpe, i dun mind.. sbb dis time it looks like fun hihi..
mcm scavenger hunt plak.. wakaka..
rules:go to Google,and find the picture that related with the questions.

age of next birthday:
gonna be 18 karats in november..

place i want to travel:
da country of irishmans- ireland

favourite place:
my hometown malacca historical city

favourite food:
chocolates.. especially da white n minty ones..

favourite thing:
t shirts.. lots of them..

nickname i had:
eye-lent.. as in island.. get it?? hahaha...

favourite colour:
blue rules da world!! haha..

name of your lover:
tsuzuki from yami no matsuei.. hik3.. he' s so my taste..
(fiction much.. he doesnt even exists.. hehe..)

bad habits:
talking on da phone happily without regret for hours.. haha.. still working on it..
my mum's gonna be so mad when she gets dis month's bill..


wish i want to be:
a doctor but don't really think its my calling..

so i want to tag:
2.kak ainul whatever
4.kak nad


Anonymous said...

hobi ko tu agak aneh~

Rahmah Sa'ari said...

iz.., tag tue pe ek?
ghehe~ blurr~