Thursday, February 5, 2009


still havent managed to change da time setting in dis blog.. any bright ideas anyone???
-6 feb-4.30 a.m- can't sleep..- lalala..
havent written anything in dis for almost 2 days.. so much for keeping daily entries...
i juz have one thing i wanna tell all da guys n gurls who r reading dis rite now..
home is so BORING!!!
my fave thing to do nowadays are blog hunting.. reading bout the crazy and fun things that others did and as the hours whiled by, i was struck with an agonising conclusion:
i am so not a home-sweet-home person..
i think even my mum is tired of me.. not dat i'm whining or anything la.. i never said a word at home.. except when absolutely necessary like when the groceries are running low n stuffs like dat..
sigh.. i've been away from home for almost more than half of my life.. its not juz 5 years of boarding school la.. when i wuz about 4 or 5, i wuz living with my grandparents in alor gjh.. only seen my mum and dad on weekends.. then in standard 5 my parents decided to uproot me and transfered me into the city... hurm.. always pictured myself to be a kampung girl and proud of it.. so nowadays i'm stuck at home with nothing to do except planting grapes and being the resident domestic helper.. sumone help me!! i'm dying out of boredom..
sigh... (long one...)
juz read what i've written above.. siot.. x bersyukur btol la ak nih.. our muslim brothers and sisters are suffering in gaza and all i could think about wuz how my life at home r boring?? astagfirullahalazim.. yeen, get a grip on urself.. alhamdulillah, at least i still have a roof above my head and food on the table.. (cooked by urs truly.. hik2)
syukran Ya Allah..
hihi.. speaking bout cooking.. a funny story actually..
dinner td ak terus blank xde idea nk msk pe...
then i asked my mum.. (smbil tgk spaQ)

' ibu nk msk pe nih?? buntu la pikiran den', kataku kpd ibuku..
lantas ibuku berkata
'suke ko la.. ibu x mkn nasi mlm2'..
(smbg blk tgk spaQ)

haha.. lupe plak my mum tgh diet lorh.. x tau la nape.. for me she has a great body.. hik3..
ayah, jgn mrh.. ankmu ini walaupn xde pakwe tetapi dye nih ikut jln yg bnr...
blurr... selame setgh jam ak tenung rice cooker yg tgh msk nasi pas solat maghrib td..
nk msk pe nih? para2 askar ikut ayh pegi surau mnkala, si keck lpk bersame ibu smbil tgk naruto..
groceries pn dh x byk.. weekly shopping lg 3 hr..
bantai saje la labu..
ak pn maenla cmpr2 bhn2 yg ade.. lantas jdk la 3 jenis lauk yg bg ak plg sedap ak penah msk kt umah..

daging kunyit goreng kicap cair- huduh sgt bunyinye.. sbb kicap dh abih so ak tmbh air..

plg laku sbb x smpi setgh jam family ak mkn dh abih..

sayur cmpr- kobis yg tggl suku serta carrot yg tinggal sebtg... -suku lg x abih lauknye-

and lauk wajib sbb adik2 ak suke mkn..

telur dadar.. hahaha..

yg ak x sangke sgt tue.. lauk plk yg 1st tue bleh abis...

hurm.. dh le cair je lauk tue.. hihi..
sbb sedap ke ataupn diorg lpr ek??
ape2 aje la...
sok ice queen blk so ak mmg la kene msk..
nk msk pe ek?? blurr.. lg.. blurr..
tetibe dh cite psl msk2 plak.. ye la, mn x nye.. nothing exciting hppnd in my life for a while now..
sedey lor.. nk maen lari2 kt area umah pn xleh sbb anjing yg #*&%$# tue dh bermaharajalela karim kt tmn ak nih.. nk cycle beskal rosak.. (tgg ayh dpt gaji nk gnti tyr br)... hurm...
bosan+boring= boran (selalu tersasul klu nk ckp psl i'm bored)
nk amk lesen duit maen kutu (not fleas tau..) msk bln 3 plak tue..
sabarla hati..
hahaha... (gile ke hape??) (^_^)

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