Wednesday, March 11, 2009


-bersame batch 25 budie 6-

haha.. ak br plg dari skola.. alhamdulillah.. my rslt was better then i expected.. myb not that cemerlang or straight A1's or wateva but in my opinion, its more than i targeted.. to all batch 25 samura: CONGRATULATIONS GUYS FOR MAKING DA BEST POINTER IN JOHORE: 1.83.. syukur..
now i'm officially no longer a high school student.. i guess i'm quite excited for my future.. and my mum suddenly told me to think hard about which option should i take to further my study.. hurm, that really surprised me because before this she was always bossying (btul ke nih) me around.. haha.. i guess my mum is quite frustrated that i didnt get straight A's.. i dont blame her la.. but i've always known deep inside that i am not straight A material in samura.. i guess months and months of failing and utterly being put down and ridiculed by others can really put you down.. haha.. now i can just laugh.. things with fazu r getting better.. i think.. i juz managed to hug her for a few seconds n then she was swept away by her juniors.. haha.. tya, u told me to kiss n make up but i think i didnt had the time to kiss her... (gelak la, lawak nih..)
neway, i did not get straight A's.. its a known fact.. haha.. to all bloggers yg dpt straight A's.. guys, congratulations.. u did samura proud.. lps nih hopefully leh jmp korg lg la.. i really do hope so..
i'll stop for now, selera mkn ak dh dtg blk.. bleh ak mentekedarah maggi.. tata.. huhu.. (^_^)


strawberry said...

papehal pon syg..

cik ainul said...

i know result ehe
anyway congratzz!

[rahmah, thanks 4 the info... luv u :P]