Wednesday, March 11, 2009

tomorrow, yesterday n today...

-jam kt blog ak gile skrg bkn 1103 ttp 1203 jam 7.45 pg-
yeay, judgement day kini dh tibe.. peh cm cite armageddon plak.. wakaka.. excuse my repekan yg ntah ape2.. its juz nerves talking i guess.. ok, guys.. today is da day.. our fate will be unveiled.. i do hope our batch will be da best.. after all that we've been through.. and i do hope ALLAh gave me success today, great success.. to all my friends, goodluck guys.. insyaAllah, ALLAh is with us.. dis will be the time of our life guys.. cherish it, enjoy it, savour every moment of it.. sedey skit la sbb hrnie myb last time leh jmp para2 batch 25 yg ak sgt syggg... jgn terkejot ek.. ak syg sume batch 25 samura.. i adore u guys.. u guys r da best ever.. hope pasni kite leh jumpe lg kt mn2.. maklumle, org kate samurians nih bersepah kt merata2 tmpt kt malaysia.. haha.. funny la.. ak ngntok sbb bile ak nervous otak ak x dpt menyerap o2 dgn smprna.. pkl bape la nk gie skola nih.. mklm le duk mlk je kn, haha.. neway, all da best guys.. insyaAllah.. (^_^)

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