Friday, June 5, 2009

who i am???

I am not 15,
Nor am i 26, for real.
Not yet a woman,
but not a guy still.

Single, yes.
Available, no.
Anyone in my mind, nope.
Wish for one, however, is so.

I like girls and males,
And both boys and females.
But bisexual is out of the question!
Nor am i gay or lesbian.

Am i malay or indian,
Though seemingly chinese.
Maybe an iban or kadazan,
Or somewhat portugese.

I am not fat, nor am i thin,
Not that healthy either.
Not tall enough, neither short,
However average cant be considered.

Not beautiful, no.
Handsome is not me either.
Childish, not so.
Yet not even that mature.

Sum all of it,
Even though there's no number.
The description that i fit,
Is no one in particular.

*found dis on seriously i can relate to it..
felt like dis poem has a lil bit to do with who i am inside.. ah, well.. the big bad cruel world awaits..
and there's nothin we can do bout it.. except to live life.. happily so..

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