Friday, June 5, 2009

L'rabbit rocks!!!!!!!!

finally figured out that the poet is sumone named L'rabbit...
here's another one that i like...


Every word that comes out of them,
Made her think that she is to blame,
She’s so ashamed.
She’s lost in their games,
No, she’s no longer the same.

All the words that they say,
Meant for her to go their way,
When will they ever see?
She shivers and she screams.
Crying inside,
Scared of her life,
She feels so wrong,
She’s really not that strong.

Each word out of them,
She loses half her strength.
For things that they say,
She gets weaker by the day.
Yes, she smiles and says,
That she’s okay.
But the truth that shows,
They’re too blind to know.

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