Saturday, January 23, 2010


14409.) I've developed a habit of looking at my phone every time I feel as if I might have a text message.

You’re the only one who texted me often.
I’m looking for your texts when I’m supposed to be getting over you. And I wonder… do you ever do the same? Do you think about me and miss me as much as I do? Or could you care less that as much as I try to get over you, I still love you, miss talking to you daily, and hope that in the future when the time is right, we could actually be… together? Much to the surprise of the girl you love now? Go against the odds and just be together?
I doubt it. I also doubt that you deserve my love anyway. But that’s another blogsecret for another time.

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nisa hanisah said...

feel the same.2.

lets wait..