Saturday, January 23, 2010

my hols: in a nutshell..

going back to kmm tomorrow.. a lil bit psyched but still..
ah well.. lets summarize my 2 weeks holiday now..

1st week :

i went for my third dental appointmnt.. i changed my braces from turquoise to navy blue.. haha.. and i'd also get a bloody spring inserted to straighten my special gigi senget..
and otw home, got my muet result, which was shite...

went home after dat, straight to bed.. had the most bloody hellish headache ever.. couldnt eat or even do anything.. began to hate da dentists again..
woke up with head still throbbing, but felt so much better.. could eat again, bit by bit.. Syud came by, followed by L.. supposed to do our biology assignment, mine was Polymerase Chain Reaction, PCR for short.. syud had to do Gene Library, which in my opinion was much easier... managed to do da folio in 2 days time..

remembered bout da bloody english thesis.. luckily i did my research already.. juz needed to trim down da facts n write the report.. managed to finish it n later gonna show it to nutt for editing..

went to see this.. along with ikin and her sis (couldnt remember her name though).. wished had gone n seen avatar instead... sigh.. da really scary part surfaced in the end.. what a hoot..

2nd week :

cleaning and cooking..

it was also Kem's 20th (18 jan) and L's 19th(21 jan) bdays...
aku juga mencari lg idea tuk pameran melayu pesta kebudayaan kmm nnt.. tp ble aku google kebudayaan melayu kluar bnde neh, haha..

and lastly,
i tried to drag n force myself to finish all my tutorials...
that one is still work in progress.. hahaha..

*dats all i guess.. nothing much, but it beats bitching around bout my miserable self.. : P

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L. ANSA said...

Thank you for the birthday wishes...muax muax muax!