Tuesday, May 4, 2010

heading baru..

tgk gmba heading baru.. huhu..
kudos to L.. thanks so much ella..
igtkn kitorg xde gmba ber5..
this is the gang that i ended kmm with
da guy is asri, beside him is bella
the one in da middle is awa
and the one beside me is pieka..
god i miss them..
insyaAllah ti hari khamis pika ngn bella nk trun melaka..
hoping that i can get to see them then.. amin..
asked pika to invite nutt and awa as well.. but both of them had other things to do..
asri on the other hand said that he's currently suffering from the recession..

for some freaky unfathomable reason
last nite i dreamt bout all my friends..
each n everyone of them..
yeah, i admit..
some of them i couldnt even remember their names very well now
but their faces and the memories we shared..
flashed before my eyes..
it started with aneed and aida the nite before..
then last nite
everyone was there.. in my dreams la kn..
i wonder why?
am i turning insane due to da fact that im being a social recluse at home??
thank goodness for L living bout a stone's throw away from my house..
sigh.. man life is funny..

to all my friends, new and old..
I MISS YOU GUYS!!! (^_^!!)

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