Thursday, July 22, 2010

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Financial planning is very important to everyone, no matter if you are rich or not-so-rich. Every single thing in this world revolves around money nowadays, especially in this modern age. That is precisely why I would choose to start a business in financial management and consultancy.
A financial consultant is actually an individual who is trained or more preferably has a strong background in finance and management particularly. They would be responsible to give advice and offer consultancy services that focuses on the management of our daily finances and expenses, whether overall or not. Most people are confused about where to hunt for specific information that they could rely on regarding financial planning when faced with stressful financial obligations. They are confounded by the fact that it seems safer to not do anything than actually doing something at all. In due course, the need for financial consultancy services would increase in the future. This is because by using this particular service, the public would be exposed professionally about their current resources, their financial goals and would be guided on how to maximize their monetary value in the most effective and efficient manner possible.
In the next few years or so, a vast majority of the people would be making lots of money monthly when they get their paychecks but still it would not be enough to sustain their daily life till their next paycheck arrived. Thus they would resort to credit cards to top up their expenses. This further leads to unnecessary spending by certain people due to no limit of their expenses. Some even would consider borrowing money from illegal and unauthorized money-lenders, more fondly known as ‘Ah Longs’ in our country.
For starters, I would start by being a personal financial consultant. Experience is important in gaining customer’s trust. A happy and satisfied customer brings us another. After maintaining a steady flow of clients, providing adequate services and consultancy about their financial problems, this business could be expanded by employing more staffs who have strong and clear understanding about managing finance. Offering job opportunities to fresh business-related graduates could also contribute to increasing profits. Whether it be individuals, families, small companies or firms, there would be a constant need for financial planning, thus making it one of the most sought-after profession in the next few years. By focusing on providing on-demand services, this business would not have to face risk of high loss, compared to manufacturing, intermediaries or marketing related businesses.
The public would be trapped in the economic crisis, increase in living costs, unfathomable price hikes, and uncontrollable unnecessary spending just to keep up with global modernization. Unresolved financial obligations causes unwanted stress, breakdowns, depression and marital disputes. In certain conditions, may lead to suicidal incidents. All these unfortunate incidents could be stopped by just paying a fee to get someone more experienced in financial management to do the thinking for you, which is totally hassle-free. Those who are interested in becoming potential clients for this useful service would have to provide all the necessary documents and details needed for the financial consultant to go through and scrutinize all the relevant information. This would ensure that the financial planning that would be instructed by them is truly the likely successful one, which would be different in according to respective financial backgrounds and incomes.
Usually, small companies that just started out or currently facing financial difficulties would be interested in using this type of consultancy, due to their lack of experience in dealing with the market in the business sectors compared to more experienced and bigger companies.
A financial advisor have the tools and knowledge to change the way the clients think and manage their hard to-earn money. Unfortunately financial planning is always overlooked by the society, thus the need to educate the public about the importance of proper financial management is a must, which is way starting a business in financial consultancy is a profitable effort. As the saying goes, ‘Failing to plan means that you are planning to fail”, which practically tells us that looking from the financial perspective, failure to plan our finances may lead to bankruptcy. According to the Counselling and and Credit Management Agency (AKPK), financial planning is a rather systematic way of organizing our financial affairs effectively in order to achieve our life goals. By doing so, we would achieve success, which is defined as the attainment of one’s goals. Thus, financial consultancy is a proven business-success due to the availability of the respective cliché market.

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