Friday, December 31, 2010

here there and now.. =)

this was supposed to be a new year post...

but i got caught up in some things so let me juz wish u guys a happy new year..

2011.. wow.. we've come a long way to get here la kn.. hehe (u get what i mean..)

somehow 2010 had changed me so much.. in so many ways..

but im still me.. still there back then, still here right now..

maybe change is good.. (i hope.. hope)
it gets funny sometimes, doesn't it ?

in 2010 i met some wonderful n also some horrid-to-the-bone individuals who taught me many things.. and for that i am eternally grateful.. =)

and my wish for 2011 is that i'll become a better person.. and be content with the life i have for now..

' trust life a little more'.. =)

*will also up8 my bloggie a little more often.. i hope.. (-_-'')

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