Wednesday, February 9, 2011

CerTot 1..

it was cold.. the way he treated her.. all she ever wanted was for him to love her.. at least to be willing to accept the hand of friendship from her.. why the sudden change? is it her fault for never being pretty enough to be with him?? but whats with the silent treatment??

doesn't he know how much a simple text from him would make her smile?
doesn't he know seeing him smile makes her happy as though the world belongs to her?
maybe he thinks its just another crush.. after all he's worth it..

dark skinned, finely chiseled face with sharp features.. the twinkling eyes that makes her heart melt.. the short-spiked ebony hair.. her dream man..

he would never understand the feeling of contentment when you see your crush even just for a while...

the things they shared on their short time together would be forever cherished..

and now as she lay on her deathbed, her only wish is to see him one last time before her eternal slumber.. and to tell him. " I love u forever'..

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